Macabee Foods, LLC. is recognized today as a leading producer of quality snacks and appetizers. Famous for Pizza Bagels, the company has been a trusted name since 1967.

Beginning with Frozen Pizza, followed by Pizza Bagels, Mini Pizzas and Mini Pizza Bagels, Macabee has continued to expand their line into such popular snack items as Eggplant Sticks and Cutlets and Italian Breaded Mozzarella Sticks. As the product line has grown, consumers across the United States have learned that the name "Macabee" stands for high quality, great tasting and convenient snack foods. Started in a small 5,000 square foot manufacturing facility in 1967 in Hackensack NJ, Macabee continues to maintain the highest level of Kosher standards. Today Macabee has expanded to of a state of the art manufacturing facility in Moonachie NJ.

Today, Macabee Foods is run by a group of partners who, combined, have over 75 years of experience producing the finest consumer products. They are knowledgeable in every phase of the food industry including product development, food safety, sales, distribution, marketing and supermarket operations. Under their guidance, Macabee products are now available in most major supermarket chains and independent grocery stores, working with wholesalers and distributors across the United States and North America.